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One bark away from a good day!

“Unleash the fun and adventure, while we take care of your furry friend. Your dog’s home away from home.”


Welcome to House of Canine! Founded by Michaela Trykarova in 2020, we offer a small-scale, in-home boarding that provides safe, fun, and comfortable environment for your pets to stay in when you can’t be there.


Our Founder

Born and raised in Czech Republic, Michaela has always had a profound love for animals and their well-being.

This all started with her passion for horses and interest in animal psychology. Her dream was to work for the Mounted police, but her father who worked in the local police force and had those connections was against it as it seemed too dangerous. Little did he realized, that she was going to shift her focus on the K9 working units instead! So it’s to nobody’s surprise, that she has fallen in love with working line dogs at a young age.


Later in life as she slowly broadened her horizons and gained more experience, she landed a job at a local dog daycare, that concetrated on more complex canine behaviours. That’s when she found herself more and more interested in taking training into consideration, and as her passion and experience grew boarding just seemed like the next step, that made sense. 


All of that eventually led her to establish House of Canine, where she concentrates on delivering not only the highest standard of care, but also home away from home. 


She truly believes, that every dog deserves love but also a structure from where they can thrive, but also a safe place to explore, play and relax.




$ 60 /Starting*
  • Choose quality over quantity with our home-based boarding service. Our limited capacity is not a constraint, but a commitment to ensure that each dog receives personalized attention and care. This approach allows us to focus on each dog's unique needs, integrate them into our daily activities, and offer a range of outdoor engagements. It's about providing a comprehensive, rewarding experience for your pet while you're away.
  • Cage Free
  • 2-3 Dogs maximum at the time
  • Personalized care
  • Outdoor activities

Dog Training

$ 100 /Session*
  • Do you need help to strengthen the bond between you and your dog? You came to the right place! In my training I focus on clear communication, where we can break things down to the basics and start shaping behaviors into where we want them to be.
  • I consider variety of factors when it comes to training, including the age, mental development, energy level, but also their specific breed, which will help us to achieve the best results along the way. Every dog is an unique individual and not all cookie cutter methods work for all. Let's make sure we start right. It’s all about creating a happy, confident, and well-behaved dog.
  • One on One
  • Custom packages based on your goals
two dog paws in owners hand, top view

Nail Trimming

$ 20
  • In need of a nail trim for your furry friend? Is the local groomer booking weeks out? You tried at home but feel too intimidated or not sure how to go about it? Let me take care of it for you.
  • We will get those nails under control in no time! 🙂
  • Service can be booked separately as well for those who are not boarding with us.


It’s easy and convenient to book any of my pet-related services with our online tool. Just head over to the booking form by clicking “Book Now” below.

You will be prompted to select a date, time, type of service and include some basic information about you and your pet. Then you just need to wait for a confirmation and we are all set!

*** Prices may change due to holiday hours ***

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I only take a small number of vetted dogs in at a time. That way I can make sure all of their needs (mental, physical and emotional) are being met. I believe small home based boarding is much healthier for majority of the dogs in order to lower their stress levels but also making them more comfortable when being separated from their owners. 🙂

No. My home is a cage free enviroment, however crates might be used for dogs, that are crate trained.

No, but it’s a bonus if they are.

Yes, no matter the breed or size of your dog, I should be able to accomodate them!

You will need to provide their food, medication and walking/training equipment of your choice along with emergency and vet information. Feel free to bring their favorite toy/tug along but please limit it to one item.

Yes, however I ask for all conditions to be specifically listed when booking. Certain conditions might not be able to be accommodated.

Deposit of 30% is required upon booking any of my services and is non-refundable! The remaining balance is to be paid when dropping your dog off. You will be provided with invoice in both cases.

I kindly ask you to drop off between 7-9am in the morning and pick up after 12pm. I am able to be flexible on pick up times, but require notice in advance.

Your dog will be attending the daycare with me free of charge! You can learn more about us at

Yes! As a matter of fact meeting are essential in order to book the stay so I can properly vet the dogs and determine if they are a good fit.
Meetings will be taking place either at my home or a Total dog daycare where I work at in the afternoons.

No, your dog will get exercised in a safe enviroment as their well being is my main priority!

Male dogs older then 10 months need to be neutered for their stay.
Female dogs don’t have to be spayed for their stay however they won’t be accepted if in heat.



Have Questions?

    Do you have more questions? Reach out to me! I am always happy to answer any inquiries you might have or provide more information about my services. 

    Feel free to fill this form out or contact me at the provided number. Please note that any inquiries through my social media might take a while as my prefered way of communicating is via e-mail or my cellphone.

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